What are somethings to keep healthy

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Have you ever felt like the time is getting shorter and shorter? Like the day time is never enough and whatever you do, it is only just a little while and the daylight is just gone? It is like the day is so short that you don’t even have time for anything else other than work. If you feel so, you are not alone. We have until now no proof that it really is the day that is getting shorter but what we know is the work is getting more. 


We are now at the peak of work life. What do we mean by that? We have longer work hours, with tougher jobs and more workload because of the demands of society, that means that our living standards are going up but with rising living standards mean even less time for ourselves but we have sold ourselves to work even more. It is a sad reality but with all that being said, we will still always make time for ourselves. 


Since we are so busy with our lives, so less time for ourselves, all the more we need to focus on our bodies. We should not let other things overtake our health as this is the most important part of life. Without health, there will not be anything anymore. Health is the only way we can enjoy life doing anything at all, so we are going to talk about some tips to stay healthy amongst this busy life.




Nutrients are important when it comes to food. It is very important as Nutrients are the only thing that feeds our body, fuel our body with good fuel, like pumping your car with Premium gas. Your body in fact needs more than 40 different nutrients for a good and healthy life. There is no one single source that can nurture your body well enough. Daily meals should include a balance of good carbs, protein, fruits, veggies and also dairy products. If you want to know more, just always remember the classic old tip, Food pyramid. 


Eat Moderate portions


It is very important that you eat moderate meals, moderate size portions. With eating in moderate sizes you are able to enjoy what you want to eat but at the same time maintain a healthy and balanced diet. It is important to note that moderate size means that you have medium sized fruit is one serving, a cup of pasta is 2 servings and a pint of ice cream is 4 servings, and hence with this rough estimate, you are able to roughly know what is a moderate sized portion meal.


Drink water


It is very important to stay hydrated and it is wise to stay away from very sugary drinks. Sugar drinks will eat up all the vitamins that are necessary to your body, so it is wise to has less sugary drinks but water in general. Water not only keeps you hydrated but it also aids in blood circulation, removal of toxins as well as harmful things in your body and in regulating our body temperature as well. Hence, it is very important that you drink enough water. 


Fitness and stress management


We need to be active and it is a very simple thing to do. It is not difficult as just by using the stairs instead of the elevator, getting your heart to pump blood into your body is already enough of a short exercise. In addition to that it is also best that you have around 30 Minutes of activity every day. If the idea of sweating at the gym for hours is not what you want to do then go out outside for maybe a walk, or a run or maybe even games with family and friends. The most important and what all this is centred on is the active moving lifestyle that matters.


Beyond that, you will also need to take time to relax. Keep yourself organised, turn off TV and listen to music, soothe yourself and be mindful of it. Make time everyday even if it is only a short 15 minutes. You should also make sure that you have a rest, plenty of sleep. Before you sleep it is best to have a sleep routine that calms yourself down before going into your sleep. Sleeping is not a waste of time but it is a way to give your nutrients time to break down and energise yourself more and more. So sleep is also important. 


Mental health


Mental health is also a concern that we need to put into our life. It is always best that you have a social life. It is not all the work life but having your own social life is also very important. Social life is a way that you can gain a positive environment from. It is nice to have friends to support, laugh with and just have someone to talk to as well. If you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, it is also good because you have another source of love and another source to rely on and will have the sense of relief when something happens that someone will be there for you as well.


Another way to look after your mental health is a hormone called endorphin. Endorphin is a hormone that helps regulate emotions so it is also a good thing to up your endorphin and there are some ways that you can achieve it. As we have stated before, friends, family and your partner (boyfriend or girlfriend) is a way, having a social life. Exercising is also another way to have the endorphin spike, another one more way is to do something you like, and or to do something that lets you have a sense of accomplishment. All these will let you have a spike in hormones called endorphins. 


There is however also one more but unorthodox way because it may not be suitable for you or me. Sexual health. Sex can also result in a spike of endorphin but of course before having a sweet time with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you must always practice safe sex, so get tested for STDs and if you are not planing to have kids then use a condom. If then you and your partner want to wait until marriage, but also you want the pleasure, you can use sex toys of course, it will result in the same endorphin spike. Of course then, you should get high quality products and you can find sex toy vibrator from Secret Cherry Malaysia because they are one of the few that makes high quality and safe products.


Like what we have stated before, it is different for everyone and so some might not get endorphins spike by exercising but some may have. Some people may not enjoy pleasuring themselves the sexual way because they do not have a strong sex drive, it is also okay, because what makes the endorphins flow is what you like to do that makes you happy. not what you need to do to be happy.

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So there you have it! some ways to look into your own health. In this hectic fast paced life. It is very important to look into your health in an all rounded manner, from the physical health from what you eat to being active to also your mental health. 

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