The Internet and Us: A Story For Everyone

The internet is such a wonderful human creation that has been with us for almost 40 years. We should celebrate its birthday this upcoming January 1 2023 to mark its 40 years of existence. Let’s get straight to the point. Everyone needs the internet, especially in this cutting-edge era. If you visit the website, you will find more information regarding our topic for today. It is obvious by the title that we will be discussing an essential in our life and we might die without it. Well maybe that is an exaggeration, but let’s get into it. 

A Brief History of The Internet

Although it was stated that the official birthday of the internet is 1983, it actually existed way further behind. October 29, 1969, at 10:30 pm, was the moment when the internet was founded. Charley Kline, a computer grad student at UCLA has sent a message to Stanford Research Institute(SRI) and that was the time when computer networks were connected and the internet was told to begin. 

This was when the basic of the internet was introduced. It wasn’t officially announced until its official declaration in January 1983. The internet began to be used widely in the 90s. At that time, people were in awe when we don’t have to send letters to the post office and all we have to do is to type in whatever we want to say in our letters. The usage of e-mail increased and became hyped and popularised due to its simplicity and convenience. 

The Acceptance of The Internet

The internet received mixed responses from all across the world. Most of them are positive due to the benefits they obtained from the usage of the internet. There were moments when people had difficult times adapting from the traditional methods of communicating to the new ones. The internet was used mostly to communicate with each other and as a way to get information. It was widely used since the first time being introduced to the public and has become a part of our life until today.

The Existence of Social Media

These days we are overwhelmed with the invention of numerous social media and sometimes we don’t even know which app to use. Back then, there weren’t many social media at that time. In 2003, a software called FaceMash was invented by a famous figure that everyone recognises today, Mark Zuckerberg. At that time, he was a student at Harvard University and was in his second year of college. This is the beginning of the worldwide’s famous software, Facebook.

Along with his Harvard colleagues, they decided to change the name to TheFacebook in 2004. In the following year, they dropped the name “the” and the name Facebook remains. In the following year, Facebook became public to everyone and they set the minimum age of 13 as one of the requirements to be on Facebook. That is how Facebook managed to gain 2.936 billion users today. This is just the story of Facebook. Let’s take a peek at other social media and we will continue with Twitter.

Twitter is another famous social media that has gained over 229 million users all across the globe. Twitter is an application where you can freely post your thoughts that are not violating their rules and regulations with certain word limits. You can “tweet” pictures, videos, GIFs and many more. Founded by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams in 2006 and launched in the following year, this application managed to become one of the most popular social media in the world alongside Facebook. 

Ten years ago, things on Twitter were slightly different than these days. People were just minding their business and do not care much about others. These days, people love to say something that is controversial and caused many people to rage. Despite that, it is still loved by its users due to its convenience and entertainment. Most of the time, we received news from this bird app even faster than the tabloids.

Now, onto another worldwide famous application, Instagram. This application is a platform for you to share your photos and videos with your friends and family. You can make your account public or private according to your preference. If you are an influencer or celebrity, you probably want to show your fans your daily life and update. Founded in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, this application has approximately 1.393 billion users. With the power of the internet, these applications can be invented and used by everyone.

The Evolution of The Internet

The internet has evolved over years. Many improvements has been made to suit our needs, especially in this technology-driven era.  We use the internet every single day without fail. We open our eyes and we would look for our smartphones to check on what is going on today. Even before closing our eyes to go to bed, the last thing we would look at is our social media. It is almost impossible to encounter someone without any social media account unless they are ghosts. 

Throughout the years, plenty of types of internet have been invented. The ones that we have been using for the past few years might have some problems such as insufficient speed and so on. These days, we have Wi-Fi, fibre internet, cable internet, 5G internet and many more. Most houses are equipped with Wi-Fi since it is the most common out of all of the types of connection mentioned. 

For those who live in a metropolitan city, it is a lot easier to get access to the internet. In these cities, fibre internet is used widely since it has a limited area of coverage, unlike Wi-Fi and cable internet. We do understand that there are people who might not able to get access to the internet due to their location and lack of exposure. Therefore, we need to voice our opinion and help these people to get their right to get access the internet and education. These people mostly live in rural areas where it is quite difficult to get access to the internet. It is our task to ensure that they would get their rights for this matter.