Importance of Liver Health: Proganic Herbs for Liver

Proganic herbs for liver

Do you know how important your liver is to your entire body? It is responsible for many of the important bodily functions like blood filtering, and it also creates the chemical that our bodies need. Our unhealthy lifestyles and certain diseases can damage your liver, but there are many ways you can protect your liver. One of them is by taking proganic herbs for liver. If you are unsure of the ways that you can protect and shield your liver from any further damage, keep reading. 


Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

Alcohol is known to be one of the biggest culprits of liver damage and death from liver disease. Chronic alcohol consumption is very dangerous and should be watched so that we can keep our liver healthy and working, because it is a very important organ in our body. Our livers have to process and filter out alcohol from our bloodstream, which is why it is extremely vulnerable to alcohol. If you eliminate or drastically reduce alcohol intake, your will be giving your liver a second chance.

Proganic herbs for liver

Have A Healthy Diet

Along with cutting off alcohol, it is important that you take care of the food that is going into your system. Junk foods are horrible for your liver. Some examples of food you should be reducing are fatty foods, sugars, artificial ingredients and processed foods, as these foods will make your liver work harder to filter it out. Instead, you should bulk up on a diet that is filled with vegetables, fruits and antioxidants. Foods rich in vitamins and minerals are much easier for your liver to process and will also give your body the nutrition it needs. 


Smoking is a Big No-No

Cigarette smoke is very harmful to our bodies. It contains many harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, lead, tar and nicotine which don’t belong in our bodies. Cutting these out will help keep your liver intact, and if you are already on the verge of liver damage, it can help give your liver a chance to breathe and recover. Other than that, pollution in the environment is alot harder for us to avoid, like airborne toxins in the city. With this, you can wear a face mask to protect yourself from these pollutants. Make sure you do not inhale chemicals like spray paints, aerosol spray and insecticides too as that can cause a lot of damage. 


Start Your Day With Exercise

The excess fat in your body can be reduced if you start to exercise, as it reduces the stress on your liver. Making sure that you move regularly will help you maintain a healthy weight and clear you of the risk of obesity which is a major factor of liver damage in some cases. Research shows that being physically active, just by walking or light muscle strengthening exercises can reduce the risk of fatal liver cirrhosis significantly. 


Proganic Herbs For Liver

Lastly, we highly recommend you to try a traditional supplement that is commonly used to protect your liver called proganic. It is very suitable for patients with liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, fatty liver and high cholesterol. It is a type of chinese medicine which is a good alternative to western medicine, founded by a physician liver specialist in Malaysia for a healthier alternative to protect your liver.