Benefits of study foundation in science program in Malaysia

foundation of science in Malaysia

Many Malaysian students who have completed their SPM or graduated from secondary school are confused about what to study and what school to attend. Many of them may want to go straight into a degree-level program after graduation, so they may choose to study in STPM. However, the truth is that if you haven’t decided what department you are interested in, going straight into a degree program may lead you to a department that you don’t know or like. There may also be a gap between the actual course content of your chosen department and what you thought it would be. This is a direct result of wasting your time and money on your studies. Therefore, it may be a good idea to enroll in a foundation before choosing to enter a degree program. If you are a student who is interested in a science-related department and want to learn more about it and what you might face in the future, study foundation in science program in Malaysia may be a good option for you.

Currently, many universities in Malaysia offer foundation in science programs for students to study. But before choosing to enroll in a science foundation programme in Malaysia, you must be aware of numerous factors and give them great thought. You should learn about the exact course topic and determine whether it is appropriate for you. Important details concerning the advantages of Malaysia’s foundation in science programme are provided below.

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Advantages of study foundation in science program in Malaysia

Prepare yourself for university life: Attending foundation can effectively help prepare you for college life a year later. What few people tell high school students is that the learning pattern of high school is completely different from that of college. When going directly from high school to degree, students need to learn how to write assignments, how to use APA references, how to find appropriate and credible references, how to use Moodle to turn in assignments, presentation skills, finding assignment teammates, and a whole new set of things. This is a huge burden for students.

The pain is compounded if the degree program you are enrolled in does not go as well as you thought it would. Therefore, taking a foundation year before entering the degree program can help prepare students for college life and teach them many skills that are important in the college learning journey.

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A strong theoretical knowledge base: For students who are interested in pursuing a science-related degree program, the study foundation in science program in Malaysia may help them to have a strong theoretical foundation. Science is a discipline that involves a great deal of research and analysis based on established theories, so it is important to have a good grasp and proficiency in the application of theory.

The foundation in science program is designed to help you become proficient in the basic theories of biology, physics, chemistry, and computer science before taking more difficult and complex degree courses. A strong foundation in science theory is a prerequisite for maintaining good grades at the degree level and for future success in the science field.