Become a surgeon? Here’s why!

study bachelor of surgery in Ireland

Studying in the medical field is something very interesting. To study inside the medical field means that you have gone through a lot of late night oil spent as well as a lot of brain juiced squeezed. But then after all those hard days, you are now achieving your dream to become a doctor. You are stepping into the world of medicine after taking your finals and all your credits seem to check out. But now begs a question. 


Yes, you are now done and you already know you want to go into medicine to become a doctor but there is something else you need to think about and what field should you go into? There are so many types and fields inside the medicinal world, whether to be a family medicine doctor or to become a specialist or even to become a surgeon! 


If today you have the dream to become a surgeon then you have to listen up! Because today, we are going to talk about some key aspects and benefits and some reasons as to why you should become a surgeon!


  1. You can save lives

Yes, to study inside the medical field your key role is to save lives. But there is something that only a surgeon can do. Operations as well as emergency cases, some of the cases that come in through the doors of the hospital requires only a surgeon in order to save lives like a GSW which stands for gunshot wound, which requires surgeon to take the bullet out safely as well as checking if there are any other organs that are harmed all requires the expertise of surgeons. As well as common cases like appendicitis as well requires only a surgeon to complete the procedure.


  1. It’s exciting

To have an operation on a patient is something challenging and it is a novel job as well as an exciting job. Every single patient that comes through the door definitely has different medical issues that they need to solve and hence it is not a boring job whatsoever but a very challenging and exciting one as well.


  1. You can make advancements in the field

In the medical field, there is always something new. Some of the cases are never seen before cases and holds very tough challenging procedures as well and that means that if you are a surgeon then you hold the responsibility to find new ways to solve the medical condition and to help advance the medical field with maybe procedures that have not been proven yet as well as experimental operations that have not been popularised yet in medicine hence improving medical treatments.


  1. It teaches you to work under pressure

Being in the medical field is to work under pressure because it is a hard job but it is not to scare you but it is a way to improve your working capability and that is to be able to work under pressure and be able to learn that skill of not breaking easily under pressure. This will be something to develop for yourself as well as for your career and patients. 


  1. You can work with others

Working in the hospital is very sociable. Even normal doctors can work and have a very social life with long shifts as well as your team but being a surgeon means you will directly work with and closely work with your team members and not through break times. This in turn creates a very tight knit group team spirit and will be good for your social life.

study bachelor of surgery in Ireland

There you have it then, some benefits for you and some reasons for you to become a surgeon. Of course, there are more to it than just five reasons but these are five reasons for you to start. If you would like to become a surgeon, you will need to study first. if you would like to study bachelor of surgery in Ireland then you can give RUMC a look as they have courses for you! Go do what you want and if you want to become a surgeon, right on and fuel the jet!

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