All what you need to know about SAP data migration

SAP data migration Malaysia


What is SAP? How do you pronounce SAP? Some people might wonder how we would pronounce this word. Basically, it is pronounced as individual letters (S-A-P), you should not pronounce it as a word (‘sap’). SAP, or Systems Applications and Product is actually a software that centralizes the data management and system so that all the department and workers could access it, as well as sharing the data to produce a better work environment in a particular company. SAP helps the company business to have efficient processing of data as well as the flow of the information between the organizations in a particular company. So everyone could easily access the real time insights data, no matter which department you are working at. If you have business or company and you are using SAP, you would like to upgrade the system, you should be really careful when migrating the data. To know more about this, you could look at this website SAP data migration Malaysia as they do offer various services that might help your company to grow. 

SAP data migration Malaysia

Types of data migration

There are few data migrations that you can look at and might want to consider. Each of these types might have pros and cons, so you may discuss it first with your business partner or team.

1.Big Bang Data Migration approach

The big bang data migration approach transfers all data from the current system to the target system in a single process. It is quicker, less complicated and less expensive. During the migration, all systems will be unavailable to the users so it might make workers’ jobs to be postponed and causing other problems. The best time to do it is during public holidays or other times when all the users are not projected to use the system.  If your business is a big company, it is not recommended to use this system as the migration is too risky and might result in failure because the data is too big. So this type of migration is more suitable for small companies with small data. 

2.Trickle Data Migration 

Trickle data migration divides the data transfer into sub-processes in which the information is moved in small steps, not in a single process. The old system will stay able to operate and run in parallel with the migration. This kind of migration is kind of good as there will be no glitch in the live system that everyone can still access, and it is less prone to errors and unpredicted failures. However, take note that the process of migrating the data will take longer to complete. So this type of migration is ideal for small companies, but big companies could also use it if they cannot wait and take any system downtime. 


The migration of the data actually depends on what kind of data you have. For example,  Storage Migration in which you move the data from one physical to another physical medium, for example from HDD storage into the cloud storage. Or Application Migration, in which from one computer system to another system. Whatever data that you want to transfer, please do some research so that you would not lose any of it.